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There are hundreds of Options Trading services, but only one this easy to use and profitable.

This product is specifically designed for individual investors just like you. We understand that there are many services out there that are just too complicated to use let alone profit from. Our data is crystal clear - we don't over-analyze or over-complicate the process.

We provide clear alerts in plain language that beginner options traders can use and experienced options traders will appreciate.

Options Trading Expertise

Since 2006, has provided stock traders the 'Whisper Reactors' service. This service provides you with those companies most likely to see positive price movement following their earnings report if they beat the whisper number, and negative price movement if they miss the whisper number. The data has proven itself both useful and profitable.

We've teamed up with an options trading expert and veteran of 15 years to provide our clients with best in class options trading data and alerts. We've developed a strong business relationship based on trust and appreciation for quality data.

This options data is custom matched to our Whisper Reactors service.

Whether you use the Whisper Reactors plus the options data as your primary volatility source or just as an alternative point of view, this unique perspective allows you to find opportunities that are simply not visible through any other methods. We're a powerful resource that can make a real difference in your level of success.

Easy To Use

NEED NEW EXAMPLE Take Sysco (SYY) for example. On May 7th, 2012 Sysco reported earnings before market open and missed the whisper number. After their earnings report, ORATS data showed an implied volatility of 21%, but a forecast volitlity of 24%. We provided our clients with an 'undervalued' signal, indicating they choose a strategy with a bearish directional bias and a bullish volatility bias. While there are numerous strategies you could use, the most common would be a long put. The at-the-money put May 29th strike near the close was trading at .85 with the stock at 28.31. On May 10th, with the stock at 27.95, the May 29th put was trading 1.10 and our clients made a healthy profit.

Time for a positive change

We understand that many of our users and clients have been burned before with other services - but we don't promise short term get rich quick insane profits, nor do we offer a monthly subscription at a terribly low rate, nor do we try and bring you in with the short term trial and then pump you with a ton of emails on all our services hoping you'll bite on one.

We also don't believe that any financial service can be 'tried' and seriously evaluated over a one or two week period. Yes, it may be productive, but at the same time it may not. Either way you gain no real sense of the actual service and its long term return.

The Reactors service is a proven strategy to profit from earnings announcements - no 'secret formulas', no hidden claims, no small print, just pure analysis of price movement on our proprietary database of whisper numbers.

We hope to see you as a client soon.



John Scherr, President
john.scherr at whispernumber dot com

PS: Not sure if the service is right for you? Ask me, I'm here to help.

"Markets really move when varying
from the whisper (from"
BusinessWeek Magazine
"The fact that is probably the most widely cited online source for earnings-estimate rumors means the site's pronouncements take on some importance in their own right -- just as analyst upgrades and downgrades do."
Semi-Annual Subscription Includes:
  • Whisper Reactors companies
  • ORATS ATM Volatility (Forecast and Implied)
  • Specific Expiration Month
  • Overvalued and Undervalued Signals
  • Enhanced Earnings Profiles on all companies
   $999.00  $699.00 (Save 30% TODAY!)

The Options Reactors service is not being offered at this time. If you would like to be considered for a subscription when the service opens, please contact Thank you.

Not ready to commit to a six months? We do have a 1-month introductory program so that you can make sure the service is right for you. This is a 30-day commitment, no refunds available, but you will receive access to the full product:

30-Day Introductory Offer:

     $99.00 introductory offer

This is a one month term. At the end of your subscription you will have the option to renew at the best available six month subscription price.

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